Avantage electric vehicles

for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV),
Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) and Hybrid Vehicles (HEV).
1. Engine – Gas (PHEV, HEV)

Cylinder block and the internal lubricated parts here after listed : camshaft, camshaft sensor, variable timing solenoid, connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, timing chain and pinions, camshaft bearings, camshaft caps, main bearing bushings, front cover, front cover gasket, head gasket, intake manifold, intake manifold gasket, exhaust manifold, valve covers, valve cover gaskets, valve lifters, cylinder head, rocker arms, valve guides, pistons, oil pump, oil pressure sensor, lifters, valve springs, ring gears, rings, push rods, crank shaft, crankshaft sensor, balance shafts, oil pan (except if damaged externally), oil pan gasket, engine mounts, engine oil coolers.

Electric system assisted / non-assisted

Electric drive motor / generator, voltage inverter, electric water pump, vehicle control module, power distribution control module, DC-DC converter / junction box.
(Battery not included unless otherwise indicated in the contract).

2. Turbo and / or Supercharger (PHEV, HEV) 

Turbocharger and / or supercharger and the internal lubricated parts here after listed: intercooler, wastegate actuator, boost sensor, inlet lines, supercharger gasket.

3. Transmission – Automatic (PHEV, HEV)

Housing and the internal lubricated parts here after listed : internal shafts, bands, valve body, valve body solenoid, valve body gasket, torque converter, bushings, internal clutches, gear sets, flex plate, vacuum modulator, transmission oil pump, governor, internal seals and bearings, drums, transmission coolers.

Transmission – Manual (PHEV, HEV)

Housing and the internal lubricated parts here after listed : internal shafts, bushings, forks, gear sets, pinions, internal seals and bearings, flywheel, synchronizers. (Manual clutch components not included)

Transmission – (BEV)

Shaft assembly, drive rotor assembly, position stator assembly, control module, shift select module, gear shift lever.

4. Differential – front and rear – (PHEV, HEV)

Case and the internal lubricated parts here after listed :final drive housing, drive shaft, universal joints, cardan shafts, gear sets, internal bearings, bushings, limited slip clutch pack, axel shafts. Axle seals, shaft seals and pinion seals included only in a major breakdown.

5. Transfer Case : 4 x 4 / AWD – (PHEV, HEV)

Case and the internal lubricated parts here after listed: internal shafts, shift module, drive selector switch, transfer case actuator, gear sets, chain and pinions, internal bearings, bushings. Internal shaft and bearing seals and gaskets included only in a major breakdown.

6. Direction (BEV, PHEV, HEV)

Steering gear including inner and outer tie rods (boots not included), ball joints, steering column including intermediate and lower shaft, shaft coupler, steering knuckles, power steering motor, steering control module, wheel bearings and hubs.

7. Cooling system (BEV, PHEV, HEV)

Auxiliary and hybrid drive water pumps not otherwise listed above, water pump gaskets, thermostat, thermostat gasket, radiators, radiator cooling fan motor, radiator cooling fan module, coolant temperature sensor. (Hoses not included).

8. Fuel delivery and ignition system (PHEV, HEV)

Fuel pump, fuel pump filter, fuel rail, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, mass air flow sensor, throttle body, throttle body gasket, ignition coils, ignition control module, knock sensor.

9. Emissions System (PHEV, HEV)

Exhaust gas recirculation valve and coolers (EGR), oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV).

10. Heating and Air conditioning (BEV, PHEV, HEV)

Heating and cooling unit assembly parts listed here after: A/C compressor, expansion valve, ambient temperature sensor, air conditioning pressure sensor, condenser, evaporator core, evaporator temperature sensor, dryer, heater core, heater core control module, blower motor, blower motor relay, internal seals and gaskets. (Hoses and refrigerant not included).

11. Brakes (BEV, PHEV, HEV)

Friction braking system parts and regenerative braking system parts here after listed : brake master cylinder, master cylinder pressure sensor, vacuum brake booster, brake booster pump, modulator valve, brake calipers, ABS actuator, ABS gravity G-sensor, electronic brake control module (EBCM), wheel speed sensors, steering angle sensor, traction control switch.

12. Electrical additional (BEV, PHEV, HEV)

Cruise control switch, power door lock actuators, turn signal switches, power window switch, headlight switches, power seat switch, power door lock switches, front and rear wiper switch, rear window defroster switch, power sunroof switch, power sunroof motor, wiper delay sensor, power window motors, front and rear wiper motor, power seat switch (gears excluded), front and rear windshield washer pump.

13. Electric / High-Tech Plus + (BEV, PHEV, HEV)

Transmission solenoid valves, engine control module (ECM), Transmission control module (TCM), seat warmer element and switches, electric tailgate solenoid/motor, USB sockets, auxiliary audio sockets, 12v and 115v power socket outlets, induction phone charger, engine starter push-button.

14. Complementary Battery Coverage (BEV, PHEV, HEV)*

The costs related to the verification, replacement or reconditioning and necessary cleaning of malfunctioning cells in the Hybrid Vehicle (HV) Battery or the Lithium-ion battery.

Please see conditions D-9 for rules and exclusions related to this additional coverage.*

15. Towing

A reimbursement of seventy-five (75$) CAD for the towing of your vehicle for each claim event and if the claim is covered by this warranty.

16. Reimbursement for verification

A reimbursement for the verification fee if the repair has been authorised and completed by Les Produits Avantage Plus at one of our certified repair centers.

17. Replacement automobile

Reimbursement for the rental of replacement automobile at thirty (30 $) CAD per day – seven (7) days maximum for the duration of this program if the repair is covered by this program. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to declare all invoices necessary.

18. Lodging

Reimbursement for lodging if the repair is covered by this program and the vehicle owner is 300 km from his address indicated in the owner identification section program for fifty (50$) CAD per day -four (4) days maximum for the duration of this program. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to declare all invoices necessary.