Our automobile A+ programs

A protection for every vehicle

Program aP

15 years 280 000 KM

Program aX

12 years 225 000 KM

Program aT

10 years 180 000 KM

Program aTP

6 years 140 000 KM

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1. Engine (gas or diesel)
Cylinder block
Connecting rods
Connecting rod bearings
Timing chain
Camshaft bearings
Camshaft caps
Main bearing bushings
Front cover
Valve covers
Valve lifters
Cylinder head
Rocker arms
Valve guides
Oil pump
Valve springs
Ring gears
Push rods
Crank shaft
Balance shafts
2. Automatic Transmission
Internal main shaft
Torque converter
Torque converter
Internal clutches
Gear sets
Vacuum modulator
Oil pump
Internal bearings
3. Manual Transmission
Internal main shaft
Gear sets
Internal bearings
4. Differential (front and rear)
Final drive housing
Gear sets
Internal bearings
Limited slip clutch pack
Axel shafts
5. Transfer Case (including 4 x 4 and / or all-wheel drive)
Internal main shaft
Gear sets
Chain and pinions
Internal bearings
6. Front Wheel Drive
Chain and pinions
Internal bearings
Gear sets  
7. Turbo
Bypass valves  
Turbo compressor valves  
8. Supercharger
Bypass valves  
9. Direction
Rack and pinion  
Power steering pump and pulley  
Cardans (C.V.) (boots not included)  
10. Seals and Gaskets*
The seals and gaskets are included in a major breakdown. *(oil pan gasket not included).  
11. Towing*
A reimbursement of (75$) CAD for the towing of your vehicle for each claim event and if the claim is covered by this warranty. *conditions will apply.  
12. Accessory Essential
Drive shaft    
Universal joints    
Camshaft sensor    
Crankshaft sensor    
Wheel cylinders    
Wheel bearings    
Front and rear brake calipers    
Starter solenoid    
Air conditioning compressor    
13. Powertrain Essential
Hub lock assembly    
Transfer case actuator    
Steering shaft    
Sector shaft    
Main and intermediate steering shaft    
Intake manifold    
Exhaust manifold    
Vacuum pump    
Vacuum pump    
Fuel pump    
14. Brakes
Brake accumulator    
Brake proportioning valves    
Valve bodies    
Master cylinders    
Hydraulic pump    
Power brake booster    
Brake cable    
Anti-lock brake sensor (ABS)    
15. Electrical components
Power door lock actuators    
Power sunroof motor    
Wiper delay sensor    
Power window motors    
Front and rear wiper motor    
Front and rear windshield washer pump    
Voltage regulator    
Specified switches: Headlight, power window, cruise control, turn signal, power door lock, front and rear wiper, rear window defroster, power sunroof, heater blower, power seat (gears excluded).    
16. Air conditioning Plus +
Compressor clutch    
High and low pressure switch    
Heater blower motor    
17. Fuel delivery
Throttle body positioning sensor      
Mass air flow sensor      
Accelerator positioning sensor      
Injection distributor      
Gas admission throttle body      
Gas lines and couplings
18. Ignition system Plus +
Ignition coils      
Ignition control modules      
Knock sensor      
19. Cooling system
Hydraulic clutch fan      
Radiator motor fan      
Air conditioner evaporator (If installed by the manufacturer with original parts).      
Heater core      
Radiator (except if damaged by corrosion)      
Thermo sensors      
20. Suspension
Tie rod ends      
Idle arms      
Upper and lower control arms and bushings      
Spindles (shocks not included)      
Ball joints      
Link kits      
21. Powertrain comprehensive
Timing belt and tensioners      
Engine and transmission oil pans and gaskets (except if damaged externally)      
Engine and transmission mounts (included only in major breakdown)      
22. Electric / High-Tech Plus +
Transmission solenoid valves      
Engine control module (ECM)      
Transmission control module (TCM)      
Seat warmer element and switches      
Solenoid / electric tailgate motor      
USB and auxiliary sockets      
12v and 15v power socket outlets      
Induction phone charger      
Engine starter push-button      
23. Cooling system +
Transmission oil coolers      
Engine oil coolers      
24. Emission system
Exhaust gas recirculation valve and coolers (EGR)      
Oxygen sensors      
Catalytic converters      
Positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV)      
25. Reimbursement for verification
A reimbursement for the verification fee if the repair has been authorized and completed by Les Produits Avantage Plus at one of our certified repair centers.  
26. Replacement automobile
Reimbursement for the rental of replacement automobile at thirty (30 $) CAD per day – seven (7) days maximum for the duration of this program if the repair is covered by this program. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to declare all invoices necessary  
27. Lodging
Reimbursement for lodging if the repair is covered by this program and the vehicle owner is 300 km from his address indicated in the owner identification section program for fifty (50$) CAD per day - four (4) days maximum for the duration of this program. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to declare all invoices necessary.  
28. No deductible
No franchise will be deducted from the authorised amount at time of repair.  
29. Unlimited kilometers *
Unlimited kilometer allowance during the term of chosen program. Available only for vehicle with less than 8 years old and with less than 120 000 km.*  
30. Double-claim *
Twice the allowed maximum per visit for a claim indicated on page 1 of the contract section (DESCRIPTION OF THE PROGRAM). Only available for the programs AX3 and ATplus.*    
31. A.V.N. option *
Touchscreen and/or video entertainment screens. DVD and/or Blu-Ray video disc player. CD reader and changer. Bluetooth set to include: microphone, hands free phone control and hands-free command control. Collision avoidance - parking assistance front and/or rear cameras and/or sonar sensors. Navigation display system and panel console assembly. GPS navigation system updates and programming. (If system assembly is authorized to be replaced). This option is available for the AT and ATplus programs only and on vehicules less than 8 years old and with less than 120 000 km at time of sale. *    
32. Prenium reimbursement option *
At the end of the term of the warranty contract chosen, the owner of the vehicle (signatory listed as the owner in the vehicle identification section of the contract), will be eligible for a refund of the premium paid for the contract at the time of sale of the contract if all terms and agreements listed in both the contract in section (general conditions of the warranty E-12) are met and respected. Available for the ATplus programs 3 years term or more.*      
33. Roadside Service +
A reimbursement of up to (50$ CAD taxes included) per event for a maximum of (250$ taxes included), will be authorised for any additionnal road side service used in Canada or the U.S.A. during the terms of the present program. These services include : battery boost, gas delivery (up to 10 liters), emergency roadside flat tire repair or replacement. The owner of the vehicle is required to supply a copy of their paid invoices for eligibility.
*Terms and Conditions May Apply.