Recreational vehicles

Ride! With peace of mind...

1. Stove / Oven

Burner assembly, connections, connectors, control panel, convection oven, kitchen range hood motor, stove and / or oven ignition, microwave oven, circuit board, thermocouple, thermostat, valves.

2. Refrigerator

Burner assembly, compressor, condenser, freezer, connectors, control panel, electric or ignition starter, circuits, circuit board, switches, thermocouple, thermostat, valves.

3. Propane gas system

Lines and fittings, regulators, safety valves, connectors.

4. Fresh and waste water system(s)

Compressor, connectors, gaskets, plumbing lines and fittings, pump, shower, sink, tanks, toilette, valves.

5. Hot water system

Burner assembly, connections, electric relay and switches, safety valves, tanks, thermocouple, thermostat.

6. Heating system

Burner assembly, furnace, blower motor, connectors, starters, valves, heat pump, gaskets, circuit board, relay, thermocouple, thermostat.

7. Auxiliary power system

Control panel, power converter and inverter, electric relay, generator, generator electrical cables, circuit board, starters, regulator.

8. Air conditioning (central / ceiling)

Accumulator, blower motor, compressor, condenser, control panel, evaporator, valves, heat pump, switches, relay, thermostat.

9. Extension system(s)

Awning motor, power-step mechanism – manual or electric including cables, sliding system – mechanical, electric or hydraulic, leveling system – mechanic, electric or hydraulic.

10. Luxury appliances *

Dishwashing machine, laundry washer / dryer, trash compactor, ice machine, central vacuum, electric fireplace, solar panels, barbecue.

(If factory installed).*
11. Breaking and suspension system

Axles, front and rear wheel bearings, hub bearings, springs, electric brake receivers and magnets, seals and gaskets.

12. Entertainment system *

Television or cinema system, antenna and crank for the television and / or satellite, CD, DVD or Blue ray including stereo system (speakers excluded).

(If factory installed).*
13. Road Side service

A reimbursement of up to two hundred (200$ CAD) dollars for road side service used, per year, in Canada or the USA for the duration of the program. This service includes on-location repairs (repair facility travel fees) or the towing charges to the nearest repair facility. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to keep all his paid invoices of proof of road side service to receive this reimbursement.

14. Lodging

A reimbursement of up to seventy-five dollars (75$ CAD) per day, up to (4) concurrent days for the duration of the program, if the repair has been done and approved by Les Produits Avantage Plus and the owner of the recreational vehicle indicated on the program is more than three hundred (300) kilometers from the address indicated on the program. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to keep all his paid invoices of proof of lodging to receive this reimbursement.

Ask your dealer for more information regarding the details of this coverage. The information serves as an informative overview only. It does not overwrite or modify the parameters of the contract