Our team

Providing the best quality of service upholds our reputation, and every day we are motivated to improve every aspect of our organization. Our methods protect the client’s investment as we build solid relationships with the distributors. We make certain that all those involved feel secure about their product.

Robert Lebel

Co-President, Founder

Starting his career as a mechanical repair specialist, Robert used his experience and innovation to create Les Produits Avantage Plus, inspiring to become the best supplier of vehicle service warranties in the province of Quebec

Following the foundation of his ideas, we have built and implemented numerous programs that are clear and coherent for both the distributors and the consumers. Ensuring that the plans are easily accessible, and provide a blanket of security that protects your automotive investment in the most comprehensive way possible.

Karine Lebel

Co –President, Chief Executive Officer, CMO [email protected]

As CEO of Produits Avantage Plus, Karine ensures that each department of the company works together effectively, efficiently and with the united purpose to accelerate the growth of the entire organization. She pursues the long-term vision of the organization and its corporate evolution as well as maintains the relationships established with affiliates and clients. Karine guides the direction of the company as market analyst, managing and overseeing the strategies introduced to potential clients. She introduces comprehensive techniques to the sales force while clarifying the mission of the organization and its products, striving to reach its targets and goals just as much as her own. Curious, ambitious and motivated by change, Karine’s passion, ingenuity and innovation epitomizes all that the company represents.

Eric Lindquist

Analyste principale des risques opérationnels,
développeur principale des programmes, BSM
[email protected]tageplus.ca

Eric is the mainstay of Produits Avantage Plus, consolidating every branch of the company’s mission into a vast network of contacts and processes, where all operations can be analyzed and reviewed while upholding responsibilities to the distributors, the financial institutions and government compliance, all in one continuous business motion. For the last 12 years, Produits Avantage Plus accredits Eric with the excellence of each program introduced , keeping the programs comprehensive and transparent while, at the same time, directing the claims department to be efficient and fair to all those who carry one of the company’s coverage plans. Eric oversees development, strategic implementation and risk analysis, making certain to achieve and maintain corporate objectives and reach the highest quality of standards. Motivated to see the potential of the company, Eric successfully optimizes cost management while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Account Managers

Bruno Bérubé

[email protected]

Mario Monpetit

[email protected]

Patricia Quintin

[email protected]

Daniel Côté

[email protected]

Martin Laforest

[email protected]

Denis Campeau

[email protected]

Patrice Boucher

[email protected]

Valérie Farmer

[email protected]

Our administrative team

Polina Galkin

Executive assistant [email protected]

Audrey Pasquini

Communications assistant [email protected]

Franco Pasquini

Technical Advisor, Claims Assistant [email protected]

Nathalie Lehoux

Accounting, administrative assistant [email protected]

Frédéric Chauret

Claims director [email protected]